Freedom and Justice Party Rejects SCAF’s Coup D’état against Democracy

Freedom and Justice Party Rejects SCAF’s Coup D’état against Democracy

The great Egyptian people, who waited patiently during the last period to build the State’s democratic institutions, will not hesitate to make sacrifices for the revolution. They will continue their march, their revolution, to safeguard their sovereignty, to see their will implemented positively, and to prevent the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) from grabbing the reins of power and mounting a coup against democracy.

Hence, issuing a supplement to the Constitutional Declaration is unacceptable, because it is no longer the prerogative of SCAF, especially as it is to hand over power in less than two weeks.

SCAF must honor its promise and pledge to the people to relinquish executive power to the freely elected President, just as it transferred legislative authority to the democratically elected parliament.

Having completed its interim task, there is no justification for SCAF to try and maintain its hold on legislative powers. Instead, SCAF must respect the will of the people and safeguard the remaining steps in the electoral process, preventing any voter fraud. It should also announce the results as counted in ballot boxes and in accordance with results signed by sorting judges.

The People’s Assembly will continue its work and has legislating and oversight powers. It is easily possible to implement the Constitutional Court’s decision without dissolving Parliament.

By contrast, SCAF’s decree is null and void, because SCAF does not have the power to dissolve the first democratically elected People’s Assembly in the history of modern Egypt.

All Egyptian constitutions confirm sovereignty for the people alone, exercised through elected constitutional institutions. It is the duty of the people to defend and impose their Will. Referring matters to the people is a must in any case, because they are the makers of the revolution and they alone have the right to build the constitutional institutions and to choose their parliamentary representatives and their President.

Furthermore, elected representatives of the people have carefully selected a hundred personalities for membership of the Constituent Assembly tasked with authoring the constitution for the Egyptian people, and also fifty more personalities as backup members. No authority can confiscate the right of this Assembly to accomplish its mission and do its duty.

This is a moment of victory for the revolution and the will of the people. Everyone must accept this will and take part in making the future of this our beloved homeland, with the end of one phase and the beginning of another. With the end of the reign of tyranny, injustice, corruption and brutal repression, and the beginning of the era of freedom, transparency and justice. Then, a new day will dawn for our Egypt, propelling it to its deserved leadership position and its important leading role, and achieve for its people prosperity, dignity and social justice.

The FJP will take part in all popular events against the constitutional coup and the dissolution of Parliament, starting on Tuesday June, 19 2012.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: June 18, 2012