Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Consensus in Writing Egypt’s New Constitution

Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Consensus in Writing Egypt’s New Constitution

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly and Speaker of the Constituent Assembly (CA) to draw up the new constitution said, "The CA will not write the Constitution on its own, but with positive participation of the entire Egyptian people. Every citizen will be able to write to us, and we will go to people physically, too. We will also hold meetings right here, at CA headquarters. If an Egyptian citizen has an opinion on the Constitution of his or her country, it will be taken into account.

"Until next week, technical committees will be assisting us to do our job. We cannot work alone; we need experts in drawing up constitutions. We need all those who are not represented and wish to take part. You do not necessarily have to be a member of the Assembly", Dr. Katatni added.

He explained that the constitution will be discussed publicly, "We do not have anything to hide from the Egyptian people who have placed their trust in us. From today, and until next Tuesday – the day before the upcoming CA meeting – we will give an opportunity for quitting members to review their position".

Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Chairman of the Shura Council, said that there was a great effort exerted to achieve consensus in the CA entrusted with drafting Egypt’s new national charter.

He reiterated that the constitution will not be written in the dark; but will be drawn up by law professors and legal experts; and that there are still efforts being made to persuade withdrawing members to return to the CA so as to achieve harmony and consensus.

Earlier, Dr. Saad Katatni had announced the launch of a website dedicated for the CA as he commissioned the Center for Information at the People’s Assembly to set up the website.

Further, Dr. Katatni stressed that the website will be open from today, will include Egyptian constitutions throughout history, and will also provide information on all means of communication with the CA.