Freedom and Justice Party Statement about Ongoing Clashes Outside U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Freedom and Justice Party Statement about Ongoing Clashes Outside U.S. Embassy in Cairo

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) affirms that peaceful expression of protest against the latest anti-Islam film is both the right and the duty of all Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians alike, to voice their anger for the honor of Prophet Mohammed, and to counter all attempts to ignite sedition between the two elements of this great nation.

The FJP urges Egyptian demonstrators outside the U.S. Embassy to show restraint and express their anger in a way that reflects and demonstrates the greatness of Islam and how it respects heavenly religions, as an integral part of Muslims’ faith.

The FJP further calls upon protesters to keep these demonstrations within the bounds of the law, as a peaceful expression of condemnation of the latest anti-Islam film and other such ignoble productions.

The FJP stresses that Islam ordains protection of non-Muslims as well as facilities such as embassies and consulates. Egyptian and international laws also make that protection an obligation.

Therefore, Egyptian people must not allow anyone to tarnish our image and plunge the whole country in a new wave of sedition and chaos.

The FJP also urges restraint by Egyptian and U.S. embassy security personnel, so they would not resort to violence, in order not to further inflame the already explosive situation.

The FJP affirms its rejection of the attack on the U.S. Embassy and all other embassies, consulates and missions; and it denounces intimidation of embassy and other employees. It further condemns the killing of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya and other members of staff.

However, the FJP calls upon the U.S. administration to take serious and concrete steps to stop this abusive film and other highly offensive productions showing hatred and extremism against Arabs and Muslims.

The US must enforce the laws firmly and punish those who produce and promote such abusive material, so as to prevent the recurrence of such criminal acts rejected by civilized peoples and all heavenly religions, especially since Arab peoples no longer react so passively as they did in the past, after the revolutions in which they fought for their freedom and dignity.

The FJP renews the call it originally made years ago through the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the People’s Assembly of 2000 and 2005, and in which it urged relevant states and governments, international organizations and institutions concerned with preserving values ??and freedoms, to issue international conventions to criminalize the abuse of sacred symbols and personalities of heavenly religions and to consider that those who break this law threaten international peace and security and as such punishable by law.

The Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo – September 13, 2012