Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Camel Battle Case Verdicts

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Camel Battle Case Verdicts

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is appalled by acquittal of all defendants in the January 25 revolution’s notorious Battle of the Camel, in which scores of peaceful protesters were killed and injured.

All officials accused in that case escaped justice due to the weakness of the evidence and statements submitted by the public prosecutor.

The FJP renews its commitment to honoring the rights of the martyrs who gave their precious blood in order for Egypt and its people to regain freedom and dignity.

In fact, the accused are repeatedly escaping justice in all cases of murder in the bloody events of the revolution, which arouses public anger, especially with the families of the revolution’s martyrs awaiting fair retribution. This also raises serious doubts about the secret behind culprits going unpunished.

The responsibility for delivery of justice rests primarily with the prosecution, which prepares the case documents. It takes charge of all civil and criminal proceedings.

Hence, the FJP urges the Attorney General to submit the real evidence that will convict the criminals who shot and shed the blood of innocent revolutionaries. Otherwise, he should resign from office, if he is unable to do the job. A more capable, honest and patriotic person should take his place.

The Egyptian people will not accept impunity for criminals and murderers. The FJP will take all necessary measures to safeguard the rights of the revolution’s martyrs and the injured.

The FJP further calls upon all national movements, parties and stakeholders to unite and demand justice without delay.

God bless our martyrs.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo – October 10, 2012