Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemning Tahrir Square Friday Clashes

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Condemning Tahrir Square Friday Clashes

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is shocked and saddened by unfortunate events in Tahrir Square Friday, as well as FJP buses which were completely burnt, and the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Mahalla City which were also torched.


This latest round of violence is certainly the result of tension planted and built up by certain parties in the hearts of young people participating in demonstrations Friday against the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood.


The FJP affirms that it endeavored, from the outset, to preserve the peaceful nature of demonstrations and respect for everyone’s right to protest, holding that Tahrir Square belongs to all the Egyptian people.


The FJP also respects the right of all parties to express their points of view and their differences with the FJP and its leanings, and even with the head of state and the bold steps he took towards reform and progress and prosperity for the homeland.


However, some other parties adopted a different position with regard to this freedom afforded by the Egyptian revolution, and set out to take full control of Tahrir Square and to monopolize freedom of opinion and expression.


The FJP stresses that it believed everyone would act responsibly in this most important issues of the Egyptian revolution, namely defending the rights of the martyrs and the injured.


This issue requires a united popular position that strongly rejects the farcical festival of innocence for all which exonerated all defendants in the notorious case of the Camel Battle, and the previous shocking cases, as well.


The illogical acquittal of former regime senior officials shocked and angered all the Egyptian people, who also agree that the Prosecutor General bears the legal responsibility for the prosecution in all lawsuits.


Therefore, the Prosecutor General bears full responsibility for all acquittal verdicts issued to free killers of unarmed revolutionaries, since he failed to provide real evidence sufficient to convict those who killed our sons and brothers in front of our eyes.


However, narrow interests meant that certain parties put their political discourses above this highly important issue. So, we instructed FJP youths to leave Tahrir Square and head to the Supreme Justice Courthouse to deliver our message in defense of the rights of the martyrs and the injured.


Indeed, no FJP or Brotherhood members were in Tahrir Square after 6 pm. Thus we sought to avoid further violence and bloodshed. For, as far as we are concerned, all Egyptian blood is precious. We regret all blood spilt on Friday.


May God save Egypt from the evils of discord and the haters.


Freedom and Justice party

October 12, 2012