Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Assiut Tragic Bus Accident

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Assiut Tragic Bus Accident

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) offers sincere condolences to the families of the students of Assiut’s Al-Noor Azhari Institute, and wishes for health and wellness for those who were injured when a train collided with a bus that was carrying them to their school

The FJP emphasizes that this tragic accident requires that the Egyptian government strike with an iron fist at the hands of old-guard corrupt officials, who still exist in most vital facilities, specifically rail facilities and transportation systems.

While the FJP welcomes the resignation of the Minister of Transport, politically responsible for the incident, as a democratic tradition Egypt missed in the past, the party calls for fast trials of instigators of the incident, and that they get the maximum penalties set by law.

The FJP hopes investigations into this incident would not come up with the usual culprit, that ghost called "neglect", as they invariably did in the past. Responsibility and Guilt for this incident must be borne by all officials involved, in the Ministry of Transport, starting from the top of the pyramid of the ministry and down to the railway crossing guard who translated neglect and corruption – invented by the former regime – into a terrible tragedy.

It is no longer acceptable or tolerable for such illnesses to remain in our society without drastic treatment even after the January 25 revolution.

The FJP believes that the transport system as a whole needs development and modernization, whatever money and effort it takes, in order to preserve citizens’ lives.

Furthermore, the FJP demands that the government provide appropriate material and moral compensation to the families of the victims of this crime.