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  • November 25, 2012
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Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Recent Constitutional Declaration

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Recent Constitutional Declaration

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) believes that the President’s Decrees contained in his recent Constitutional Declaration fulfill many revolutionary goals demanded by all political, social and popular groups that participated in the January 25 revolution – for freedom, dignity and social justice.

We faced, together, many obstacles during the tumultuous transitional period – obstacles made by former regime loyalists in order to discredit the revolution and halt its progress, such as violent bullying and chaos on the streets meant to aggravate the economic crisis inherited from the toppled government.

Our common demands included re-investigations and retrials of all cases where revolutionaries were killed, as well as defending rights of the martyrs and those injured in all clashes and events of the revolution, in addition to replacing the Public Prosecutor who was appointed by the Mubarak regime – a popular revolutionary demand from the outset, to protect the integrity of the investigations related to murdered revolutionaries and cases of corruption under the previous regime.

The President’s Decrees also included a solution to the politicized dismissal of state institutions democratically elected by the people, like the sacking of the first freely-elected People’s Assembly (Egypt’s lower house of parliament) and threating to dissolve the Shura Council (upper house of parliament) and the Constituent Assembly (tasked with writing the country’s first post-revolution constitution) as well as the abolition of the president’s decrees. In fact, the recent decrees have long been awaited by the Egyptian people.

The FJP believes that there is a need for serious national dialogue about making immune the President’s Decrees to balance the rights of the President to bear the responsibility of achieving security and stability without limiting his powers or abolishing his decrees, and the right of all political parties and groups to guarantees of non-monopoly in making decision critical to the homeland, in the absence of parliament.

The FJP emphasizes that the completion of the draft constitution and the referendum is the natural end of the transitional phase, including constitutional declarations and special temporary powers. It also holds that there must be a constitution that represents a social contract between the people and governing State authorities and which regulates all of these authorities – which is what we all seek.

While the FJP affirms the right of all political forces to express their views and stances about the constitutional declaration, it appeals to everyone to maintain a peaceful expression and national consensus, to condemn and reject all forms of violence, assault, arson and destruction of institutions, and to realize that all these are crimes they must reveal their perpetrators to bear criminal responsibility for their actions.

The FJP reiterates that it is looking forward to a dialogue with all political parties and forces and social groups and movements with regard to the current situation or the draft constitution which has now been given a new lease of life, an opportunity to achieve the desired consensus, so as to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of all the Egyptian people.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo – November 24, 2012