Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Egypt Judiciary Crisis

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Egypt Judiciary Crisis

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) affirms the right of all citizens to express their opinions and protest anywhere without disrupting businesses or breaching the rules of peaceful protest and demonstration set by law.

The FJP, however, rejects all violence in expression of opinions; and refuses disrupting work of state institutions, including the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC).

The FJP reiterates its belief in full independence of the judiciary, and the need for non-interference of the executive in its work.

However, reforming the judiciary was one of the main demands of the January 25 revolution, especially since some institutions and members of the judiciary were not far from the policies of the ousted regime, which led to the spread of corruption in all State institutions.

The FJP asserts that a few members of the judiciary were inappropriately involved in unethical practices and political action.

They issued several verdicts or decisions that had very clearly been based on political rather than judicial considerations.

However, this does not affect the people’s confidence in judges and the Egyptian judiciary. We must not forget the historical judgments issued by the judiciary, which triumphed in many of its provisions for rights and freedoms under tyrannical regimes.

In this regard, the FJP asserts that putting the judicial house in order is one thing; and trying to demolish and wreck this house is another. To destroy the judiciary is to bring down a key state authority that we all must protect and support. We must resolve to maintain its independence and cohesion.