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  • December 7, 2012
  • 6 minutes read

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Violent Clashes Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Violent Clashes Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

The great Egyptian people made their January 25 revolution to regain their will and establish a free democratic regime where the majority chooses the President and the minority exercises opposition freely.

The Egyptian people chose Mohamed Morsi president in elections involving all Egyptian society. Unfortunately, signs of a major plot emerged in conspirators’ whispers, gathering to storm the presidential palace and to announce a so-called presidential council with no regard for legitimacy, legality or democratic processes and mechanisms.

This forced us to come out – in partnership with a number of national and popular parties, groups and movements – in a peaceful demonstration outside Itehadia Presidential Palace, to protect the legality and legitimacy of the elected Egyptian President and popular will.

Our demonstration remained peaceful for three hours, until counter-demonstrations arrived, including opposition groups infiltrated by professional violent criminals paid by former regime figures.

Those thugs brutally attacked peaceful demonstrators, using live bullets, knives, Molotov cocktails and tear gas heavily, killing six Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) youth, and wounding 1493 others, of whom 213 were wounded by gunfire.

It is our national responsibility to demand that investigators do their legal duty to announce the dimensions of this heinous plot and the names of the perpetrators and instigators of violence, to prosecute all in fair and speedy trials.

We also demand an investigation of all those involved in violent arson attacks on FJP headquarters in Suez, Ismailia, Port Said, Alexandria, Mahalla and Cairo, and those barbaric criminals who brutally assaulted the lawyer Sobhi Saleh.

Furthermore, we call upon all Egyptians, especially those who stood together in liberation squares across Egypt during the days of the January 25 revolution, to secede from those treacherous parties and groups collaborating with former regime officials and loyalists whose criminal hands have been bloodied killing martyrs since 25 January and until now.

It is most unthinkable that honorable patriotic revolutionaries join the ranks of former regime holdovers and barbaric gangs, standing with them in the same trench.

Now, our hands are still outstretched, for cooperation and dialogue, and our hearts open for all citizens who want a real national partnership on the basis of upholding the best interests of the country, so as to start a serious national dialogue on all current issues.

The FJP affirms the right of everyone to freedom of expression, demonstration and protest, according to their political convictions, provided they commit to peaceful action, respect and obey popular will.

We reaffirm FJP members’ full compliance with the announcements made by authorities in charge of security around Itehadia Presidential Palace.

In conclusion, we mourn the honorable Egyptian martyrs, wishing a full and speedy recovery to the wounded.

Freedom and Justice Party