Freedom and Justice Party Statement Denouncing Sunday Coptic Church Clashes

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Denouncing Sunday Coptic Church Clashes

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) issued the following statement Sunday on the unfortunate incidents that took place in the vicinity of Cairo’s Abbassiya cathedral.

The FJP follows with deep concern the developments of the events in Khossos (Qaliubiya province, north of Cairo), which claimed the lives of five people.

The events developed in a suspicious fashion that confirms what we have often said, that there are dubious parties determined to cause discord and contention among citizens by fabricating confrontations to provoke religious sentiments, leading to widespread sectarian strife designed to drag the country into chaos that would benefit the enemies of Egypt and their associates, the corrupt criminals.

The FJP calls upon all Egyptians, Muslims and Copts, to resist these systematic provocations, and resort only to legal process to secure their rights and hold perpetrators accountable whatever their religion, whatever their affiliations.

Meanwhile, the FJP emphasizes the sanctity of Egyptian blood, and rejection and condemnation of any use of violence by any party. The FJP once again calls on security services and authorities to quickly investigate and uncover the circumstances of the incidents and the scheme aimed at inciting sectarian strife.

Egypt’s and Egyptians’ security, social peace, internal unity and national cohesion are red lines that should not be crossed.

The FJP further calls on the venerable Azhar institution and the Coptic Church as well as national and patriotic parties, movements and stakeholders to take the lead, calm citizens and make them aware of the seriousness of being misled by attempts at provocation and subversion. The FJP also confirms its full support for all national initiatives to bridge the gap and save the homeland.

May God protect Egypt from the evil of strife and division.