Freedom and Justice Party Statement Concerning Demands for Reform of Judiciary

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Concerning Demands for Reform of Judiciary

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau discussed the latest developments in the political landscape, in the wake of the court ruling to release deposed president Mubarak, popular demands for reform of the judiciary, Wassat Party’s proposed amendments to some articles of the law of the judiciary, and ‘Judicial Reform Friday’ events which expressed the people’s demands in peaceful demonstrations paid thugs tried to smear by committing contrived acts of rioting and vandalism in which firearms were used openly.

While the FJP holds the security apparatus responsible for bringing the perpetrators of violence to justice, it confirms that it will continue its dialogue with all partners immediately, in order to achieve real reform and independence of the judiciary.

The FJP reminds that since 1986, the judges themselves have been demanding reform of the judiciary, which means that there are flaws in the justice system that require change in order for the judiciary to do its duty, away from political disputes, so as to achieve justice that the people have been waiting for since the revolution started, and to hold to account individuals who presided over certain judicial institutions and got involved in corruption cases that harmed the reputation of the judiciary.

The FJP pays tribute to the Shura Council’s call for debating amendments to the Judicial Authority Law to address legal positions inconsistent with the new Constitution and to solve problems in the judicial arena, including the issue of choosing the Public Prosecutor. Incidentally, the FJP pays a special tribute to Justice Talaat Abdullah for his efforts in fighting corruption and achieving justice.

In the FJP’s opinion, the Shura Council is doing its duty as prescribed by the Constitution, a duty which it should not hesitate to do, but should be indeed done through an objective dialogue with the judiciary itself, in a way that complies with the articles of the Constitution.

This should lead to a bright new image for Egypt’s honorable judiciary, without causing a crisis within this venerable institution, which is one of the main pillars of the Egyptian state.

The FJP is aware that constitutional provisions govern any new judicial authority law, and that the responsibility to make the desired law and effect the required reform lies with the elders of the judges themselves.