Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Mansoura Violent Attacks

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Mansoura Violent Attacks

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is shocked and dismayed at the violent attacks witnessed in the city of Mansoura – trapping worshipers inside mosques, attacking places of worship and killing peaceful citizens – by a number of defunct National Democratic Party senior officials, in alliance with certain counter-revolution parties, with the help of gangs of thugs wielding weapons, swords, rifles and Molotov fire-bombs.

The FJP offers its sincere condolences to the family of the martyr Abdul-Hamid Annan, who was killed in the latest bloody events, and offers sincere sympathy to the injured, wishing them speedy and complete recovery.

The FJP strongly condemns all forms of violence, which aim to drag the country into chaos and anarchy, and to disrupt endeavors for development and stability.

The FJP calls on all national patriotic groups and movements as well as all political parties to renounce violence in clear and unambiguous terms, remove any political cover from these criminal acts, ignore any political differences or narrow partisan interests, and stand together as one in the face of the enemies of the Revolution.

The FJP demands that the perpetrators of all acts of violence and vandalism are apprehended, brought to justice and punished, as a credible deterrent to these thugs and outlaws.

The FJP further exhorts the Egyptian People – especially national groups and movements and political parties – to commit to peaceful discourses, so as to stop the bloodshed, because Egypt is now determined to save every drop of blood of its citizens, both supporters and opponents.