Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Electoral Legitimacy Martyrs

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Electoral Legitimacy Martyrs

Sharqiya Province, Egypt, was again the scene of yet another unfortunate series of vicious and violent attacks carried out by thugs hired by the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) assisted by members of the Rebel movement and National Salvation Front (NSF) mobs in all governorates across Egypt.

These thugs fired live bullets and deadly birdshot as they broke into the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Zagazig town, which resulted in the death of Hossam Shawki – student at the Faculty of Pharmacy and a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) – with dozens injured by bullets and birdshot.

The FJP lays full responsibility on each and every individual who instigated violence of the leaders of the NSF and Rebel movement, and holds Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi personally responsible, for forcing their supporters to accept a coalition with corrupt leaders of the dissolved NDP whose hands are stained with blood of the Revolution martyrs.

The FJP reaffirms that the pure blood of its honorable youths which is spilled for the sake of God and the homeland, and in defense of electoral legitimacy, will be a curse on all oppressors and aggressors, and that the FJP will not abandon the right of the martyrs of the homeland and the martyrs of electoral legitimacy.

The FJP urges security agencies to quickly arrest these criminals and bring them to swift and proper justice, and warns against the continuation of this shameful situation that threatens of dire consequences, dragging the country into a spiral of violence and chaos.

The FJP is most determined to protect the homeland’s stability and security, to stop the shedding of Egyptian blood. It finds that cleansing Egypt of these thugs and effectively facing up to these vandals is the only way to protect the homeland and its security and stability. It assures that it will give all it can to achieve this.

The FJP exhorts all honorable, fair-minded members of all political parties and national groups and movements to face up to those criminal acts and stand as one in the face of this threat to the homeland and its stability.