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  • February 12, 2015
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Freedom and Justice Party Statement Marking Mubarak Ouster

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Marking Mubarak Ouster

 February 11, 2011 – A date Egyptians do not forget. It is the day on which the people toppled the head of Mubarak’s authoritarian regime, announcing the People’s sovereignty. Of course, soon afterwards, the military junta trampled the people’s sovereignty and freewill, overthrowing the first elected civilian President in Egypt’s history, and annihilating all the gains of the January 25 Revolution.

The Egyptians and the revolutionaries fell for the coup tricks that divided them. The military junta succeeded in driving the proverbial wedges among them. But it has become clear to all the Egyptians how rights and freedoms are lost and the economy collapses and political life freezes under military rule.

The blood of the martyrs, spilled by the military junta since the January 25 Revolution, has shown to all Egyptians, most unequivocally, how the military junta run Egypt, how they look down on the people, how they seek to serve their own interests without regard to the interests of the homeland and the people, and how they spill Egyptian blood in the squares of the Revolution, on the borders, in universities, and even in football stadiums, without bringing the murderers to justice – because they are the real murderers.

Four years have now passed since the start of the popular Revolution of January 25 (2011). Those years have witnessed the military junta’s acquittal of Mubarak and his top officials despite all the corruption and crimes they did against the homeland and its citizens, while they (the junta) imprisoned the patriotic men and women of the Revolution as well as all opponents of the military coup, whatever their political affiliations.

The day has come for a renewed opportunity for the revolutionaries and all patriotic Egyptians to re-examine what happened, to once again pull together in revolutionary unity, to once again stand together in the face of brutal despotism, and to overthrow the military coup that wants to drag Egypt back to the dark times of oppression and tyranny.

The revolutionaries and the masses of the Egyptian people must realize that victory is definitely coming. They should learn an important lesson from what happened after the July 3, 2013 military coup. Despite all their troops, guns, armored vehicles, war planes, corrupt media and judiciary, the military junta could not silence the voices of the revolutionaries in all the streets and squares of the Revolution across Egypt where they protested non-stop for more than 19 months. Thus the junta failed, despite all their brutal machines of murder, oppression and persecution; and could not entrench the pillars of their corrupt rule.

The blood of the martyrs will remain the beacon that guides the Revolution on the path of the truth, and the flame of the revolutionaries’ steadfastness. The martyrs’ blood will not be laid to waste. No murderer, traitor or criminal will escape retribution.

The Freedom and Justice Party