Freedom and Justice Party Statement to The Great Egyptian People: Defend The Revolution and Your Free Will

Freedom and Justice Party Statement to The Great Egyptian People: Defend The Revolution and Your Free Will

The increasing number of people turning out to the ballot box during the first day of the runoff presidential election is evidence of this great people’s commitment and determination to defend the revolution, safeguard their free will and complete the march towards democracy.


The constant threat to dissolve a parliament elected by the will of 30 million Egyptians confirms the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)’s desire for a total power grab, against the popular will, and its resolve to fake legitimacy never granted to it by the people, in a blatant attack on the great Egyptian revolution.

Any decision to dissolve the elected People’s Assembly (PA) must be referred to the people in free and fair referendum. Popular will does not get eliminated except by the will of the people themselves. Certainly, SCAF does not have the authority to dissolve parliament, and neither the Constitutional Declaration nor the ruling of the Constitutional Court itself confer any such power on SCAF. Hence, any decision SCAF issues in this regard will be null and void.

A country cannot march down the road from despotism to democracy without an elected parliament mandated with legislative and oversight authorities, empowered to deal with the Supreme Constitutional Court decision.

Now, we exhort you, all Egyptians, to defend your free will, come out en force and cast your votes, and fight with determination, persistence and resolve against any attempts to lay to waste the gains you made in free and fair parliamentary elections.

We call on all Egyptians to remember the blood of the martyrs and the pain of the maimed and wounded. And never, under any circumstances, allow the defunct former regime to reclaim power, with its loathsome repression and tyranny, the oppressive regime that so clearly despised and humiliated the Egyptian people – against which our blessed revolution was launched.

May God protect Egypt from all evil.

Cairo: June 16, 2012