• May 23, 2010

Freedom Flotilla aid ships challenge Israeli siege and head for Gaza

Freedom Flotilla aid ships challenge Israeli siege and head for Gaza

ISTANBUL, — Three Turkish aid ships, part of the Freedom Flotilla coalition convoy, will be sailing off on Saturday to meet other ships from European and Arab countries in some point in the Mediterranean sea before heading together for the besieged Gaza Strip.

A ceremony is due to be held by the Turkish IHH relief foundation today in Sarayburnu area in Istanbul to celebrate the sailing of the three aid ships before they join other ones at sea, two from Britain and four from Greece, Ireland, Algeria and Kuwait.

Nearly 50 countries provided support for the convoy that will be carrying about 10 tons of humanitarian aid for Gaza people and boarded by about 750 multinational people. The convoy is supposed to reach its destination within 24 hours from its gathering point if not intercepted by the Israeli navy.

The Israeli foreign ministry held a meeting with ambassadors of the European countries participating in the convoy and Turkey to tell them it would not allow the Freedom Flotilla ships to dock at Gaza, but head of IHH foundation Bulent Yildirim confirmed that the ships would reach its destination regardless of Israel’s position.

In the same context, director of IHH branch in Gaza Mohamed Kaya on Friday ruled out that the Israeli navy will bomb the Freedom Flotilla ships.

Kaya told the government committee for breaking the siege that Israel would open confrontation with many countries, whose nationals are participating in the convoy, if its navy shelled the ships, stressing that the participants will never return back at any cost before completing their mission.

He pointed out that there is a plan to organize anti-siege convoys on a monthly basis to alleviate the suffering of Gaza people.