Freedom For Municipal Election Detainees

Press Statement
IAF”s Freedoms Committee
Freedom For Municipal Election Detainees

The Jordanian government arrested seven members of the Islamic movement in an aggravating step that confirms the government”s plans to hit the Islamic movement in order to distract it away from its coming national and constitutional duties, and to intimidate its election campaigners, contradicting with the government”s claims of adopting fairness and transparency in the elections.
Unexpectedly and without any legal justification, the government detained seven members of the Islamic movement in the governorate of Al-Zarqaa, including three arrested on Monday, May, 21, 2007:
Mahmoud Garadat
Hammam Al Gafra
Feras Bashir.
Then the government arrested Mahmoud Al Shagrawi on Friday June, 1, 2007, to be followed by three activists in the Municipal elections:
Hareth Al Gaafra, a member of the central committee of the municipal elections in Al-Zarqaa,
Mohamed Bakr Aram
Anas Abou Mailash
Families of the detainees ( mothers, fathers and wives) were denied visits to see them. Lawyers in the central freedoms committee in the Islamic Action Front were denied access to the detainees to see them and know why they are detained, raising suspicions that they may face physical or psychological torture.
We, in the IAF”s central freedoms” committee demand the immediate release of these members, and to stop this illegal detention and not to target or harass IAF”s members. We hope these actions won”t be repeated in the Municipal elections and to stop this retreat the political and democratic development
May Allah protect Jordan from all harms

Amman on Jumada I, 19 th 1428 Hijri
                 June, 5th, 2007
The central freedoms committee
The Islamic Action Front Party (IAF)