Freedoms Condemns SPC over Al-Badil Newspaper

The freedoms committee in the Egyptian Press Syndicate condemned the decision of the Supreme Press Council (SPC) of denying a license to issue a daily newspaper called ‘Al-Badil’ (the substitute) that expresses a broad movement of the Egyptian Left, although all conditions for issuing it are available, while newspapers are issued in other democratic states without waiting for any approval from the ruling regime.

The freedoms committee attributed this decision to the consequences of the despotic rule that dominates and controls the Egyptians through the emergency law.
The committee declared its solidarity with those affected by the decision, who resorted to justice to allow them to issue their newspaper, which is one of their natural rights.
For his part, Mohamed Al Sayed Said, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper ‘Al-Badil’, a researcher in Al-Ahram Center for Political Studies and a member in Kifaya Movement, said ” Refusing to allow issuing the newspaper is expected from the dictatorial government that rejects any peaceful democratic method for change; this is expected in the dictatorial regimes that refuse to accept any real opposition, even if it is a free newspaper and a free pen.

It is worth mentioning that the Supreme Press Council is the government body concerned with approving publishing newspapers, magazines and paper prints like the Political Parties committee which is notoriously dubbed the Parties Refusal committee.