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  • July 13, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

French Ambassador Predicts MB Will Win 20-30% of Parliamentary Seats

French Ambassador Predicts MB Will Win 20-30% of Parliamentary Seats

Predicting a 20-30% win for the Muslim Brotherhood during the upcoming parliamentary elections, French ambassador to Egypt Jean Felix-Paganon stated that the next election will measure the extent of the Brotherhood’s popularity among the Egyptian people.

Speaking at the third Egyptian-French meeting held by the Center of Studies and Documents, the French ambassador stressed that the March referendum was an indication of the MB’s strength, citing the MB managed to convince most Egyptians to vote ‘yes’ in what he described was Egypt’s first real free, fair and transparent experience of elections.

According to Felix-Paganon, Egypt’s parliament will have a high percentage of the Brotherhood, adding he believed the next parliament will have "a religious nature", although he did not elaborate further on would be considered "religious" in nature.

The French ambassador commended the Egyptian army which had announced that the transitional stage will be short and will witness free and fair elections. He said the Egyptian army was intent on keeping its image and popularity in the eyes of the Egyptian people, noting that the army played a significant role in the success of Egypt’s January 25 Revolution, which overthrew the three decade rule of the ousted Mubarak in February. He believed the Egyptian government had its work cut out for it and called on the government  to prove its ability to overcome the political crisis in Egypt stressing he believed it was the biggest hurdle to overcome.