French expert: We identified names of Israeli officers involved in Gaza massacre

French expert: We identified names of Israeli officers involved in Gaza massacre

The French legal expert in international law and coordinator of the international alliance for prosecution of Israeli war criminals Jill Difer has asserted that his group succeeded in identifying names of Israeli army officers involved in the war on Gaza in preparation to file lawsuits against them before international courts.

However, Difer refused to disclose names of those officers “in order not to preempt the investigation”.

In statements he made to Islam online website on the internet, Difer underlined that Israeli attempts to hide names of those officers failed because his group started collecting information and documenting data about those officers at the start of the war on Gaza, adding that the Israeli attempts “came in the wasted time”.

He added that Israel should understand from now on that it is no longer free to commit war crimes without getting prosecuted.

According to Difer, he and a number of his comrades in the group had met with general-prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Luis O”campo, and handed him complaints filed by more than 350 legal and human rights organizations against Israeli military leaders involved in the mass killing of Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

Nevertheless, Difer opined that a number of obstacles could jeopardize the proceedings, including the fact that Israel wasn’t a signatory to the Rome Convention of the ICC, but he insisted that they will pursue the case to the end.

He also ruled out the UN Security Council could enforce the investigation of those crimes, explaining that allies of Israel in the UNSC could veto any resolution in this regard.

Finally, Difer disclosed that his group would file a case before the primary court in the Belgium capital Brussels to cancel the agreement of December 8, 2008 that raised level of the Israeli-EU relationship, which was sponsored by France.