French paper: Gaza Strip the biggest prison in the world

A French paper has said that the Israeli offensive on Lebanon had to a certain extent diverted the attention from the war the Israeli army was waging on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Daily L’ Humanite said on its website a couple of days ago that the Strip had turned into a big prison as a result of the tight military siege imposed by the Israeli army. The closure coupled with the freezing of international assistance to the Palestinians after electing Hamas Movement to rule them doubled the economic and financial crisis of the Palestinian people, the paper underlined.

It pointed out that 178 Palestinians were killed since the Israeli aggression on the Strip started on June 28 in return for the capture of one Israeli soldier.

Each day the Israeli forces kill a number of Palestinians, mostly civilians, at the pretext of looking for the Israeli soldier who was captured almost two months ago at the hands of Palestinian resistance factions in the Strip, the paper elaborated.