Friday witnesses mass demonstrations

Friday witnesses mass demonstrations

Mass protests broke out in Cairo following the Friday prayers by political groups and activists angry at the drafted law which bans strikes, protests, demonstrations and sit-ins.

The law stipulates a maximum sentence of one year in prison with fines of up to LE500, 000 to anyone who calls for or incites these actions.

According to protestors the law violates the right to freedom of speech and other values of the January 25 revolution

Another protest took place in front of the State Radio and TV headquarters in Cairo. Protestors were joined by Muslim Brotherhood senior official, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy and Safwat Higazi calling for the dismissal of all media personalities loyal to the old regime.

Related, solidarity has been witnessed with  students from the Faculty of Mass Communications at Cairo University, who have been engaged in sit-ins for the last two weeks demanding the faculty  Dean Sami Abdel Aziz, step down accusing him of ties to the former ruling National Democratic Party. The demonstrations were cut short by the military who reportedly entered the university’s grounds and forcibly dispersed the protesters.

The protestors objected to the intervention by the military stressing that the Egyptian people have sacrificed much to get rid of the Dictator Mubarak and his repressive regime adding they are prepared again to sacrifice if their freedom is taken away from them once more.