Friday’s ‘Million Man March’ Calls for National Unity

Friday’s ‘Million Man March’ Calls for National Unity

Calling for a Million Man March members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Youth Revolution Coalition, the National Association for Change, the Socialists Forces Front, and the Board of Trustees of the Revolution have united in an appeal urging national unity, the safety of the citizen ‎and support of the Palestinian cause.


The committee formed for this purpose explains that protesters will rally in Tahrir Square, on Friday, May 13, at 11 am where the march will start. Tahrir Square is symbolic and is known as the epicentre of the revolution that ‎succeeded in toppling the former President Mubarak who is currently being ‎detained.


Protesters will be calling for the ‎implementation of the unmet demands of the revolution which include the immediate trial of Mubarak, his family members and other former regime cronies accused of ‎corruption. ‎


Protestors will also call for the dismissal of all the former regime figures who still ‎hold governmental positions, including Deputy Prime Minister Yehia El-Gamal and ‎Minister of Local Development Mohsen El-Numani. ‎Other demands include dissolving local councils, maintaining security across the country and the release of ‎protesters who were arrested on March 9 and sentenced by military courts. Supporting freedom for the Arab world, the committee has also confirmed that it endorses ‎the reconciliation agreement recently signed by Fatah and Hamas.


The last million man March had been scheduled April 15 however protestors were temporarily apeased with the arrest of Mubarak.