Friends of humanity: Israel violated houses of worship during its war on Gaza

Friends of humanity: Israel violated houses of worship during its war on Gaza

The organization of friends of humanity international based in Vienna issued an extensive report regarding the violation of the IOF troops to houses of worship during the war on the Gaza Strip.

The report, which was received by the PIC, said that during the Israeli aggression on civilians and their homes, the IOF troops, as admitted by Israeli officials, deliberately bombed houses of worship in Gaza with missiles and heavy bombs while worshipers were inside them in some cases within the Israeli comprehensive war on Gaza.

The organization provided statistics containing the names and the locations of 27 mosques that had been bombed by the IOF troops since the start of the war against Gaza on the 27th of December 2008.

It condemned those attacks by saying that it was not strange to the IOF troops, who commit war crimes against the Palestinian people on a daily basis, by using their warplanes and heavy weapons against children, women, elderly, and people”s homes, to target mosques.

The organization added that what Israel is doing today is fully in line with what its militias had done in the Palestinian occupied lands within the green line in the forties of the last century when it demolished thousands of mosques and places of worship.

It noted that Israel”s allegations of the presence of Palestinian resistance fighters inside the bombed mosques are flimsy, adding that those who resorted to mosques were women, children and elderly people whose homes were bombed by Israel.

In another context, Ilan Malka, a top Israeli infantry commander, admitted that his unit, which ranks as one of Israel”s elite military forces, faced great difficulties during its confrontations with the Palestinian resistance in populated areas.

Malka, who is the commander of the Givati unit, pointed out that his unit was operating on the outskirts of the Zeitoun neighborhood, adding that the Palestinian resistance owns fortified areas in the Zeitoun suburb containing a great deal of ammunition and shells.

The IOF troops committed atrocities in this neighborhood, where whole families were exterminated and many wounded civilians were left to bleed to death for days, with the IOF barring ambulances from reaching them.