Fuel Everywhere: Inside of us, outside and in the sea

We hear a lot on political TV shows, local and international, the political analysts talking about Hezbollah affiliations.  On a side note, it is funny how political analysts in days of wars and conflicts, start to pop up by dozens, on media channels, and giving information without us the crowd watching really knowing these people, their credentials, their professional background, or some proof of their knowledge.  Television should channel more carefully the information given to many thousands of people, and should give a space to responsible, credible, and active voices, especially when this information is related to vital elements in our lives.  Newspapers seem to be doing a better job than television in that sense, although some question marks could also be raised.
Hezbollah like any other political group/ideology has external relations.  It maintains close ties with Syria and Iran, at all levels, political, military, logistics, tactics..  Just like any other party in Lebanon and all over the world.  The Lebanese Communist Party had close ties with Mother Russia during the soviet era.  The mustaqbal party today is tied to the Saudi Political sphere.  This external element is not new to any political party or political ideologies.  Most political ideologies travel across countries, frontiers and geography.  So why do we have to always emphasize on the Iranian role when we speak about Hezbollah? as if the resistance does not have enough reasons to act on the Southern frontiers, as if Israel does not violate our sovereignty, and it does not hold maps for land mines in the South, and it does not still imprison many Lebanese. so these are not legitimate reasons for a resistance to be active in the South. no the Iranian plan to dominate seems to be more logical at this point..
Iran might have a role, and the political elite of Hezbollah have its own agenda in that matter, and it is affected by regional factors.  But when we look on the ground, when we actually think of these young fighters in the South, fighting the Israeli war machines and its continuous attempts to occupy South Lebanon again, when we have guerilla fighters holding back an entire army with the latest and most effective technology of destruction, we need to think about their motivation, and what is fueling them. 
Their first considerations are their own land; it is very much an internal matter.  Their fight springs from their own collective existence; it is a resistance that has roots in the land, in the culture of the people of the South for many years now, just like in Palestine, just like in Latin America, or once in Vietnam, or in many other regions where people find ways to fight occupation and exploitation.  These people know their way in the mountains and the Southern villages because a lot of them were raised there..
These fighters are moved from within, or else they could not be standing still on the ground…  so a fat pay check, a villa with a swimming pool in Tehran or in Faraya, or even the dream of a Paradise, a cellular call from God saying œdie and I will take care of you up there‌ are not what make people forget fear and go on an experience with death being near by, and tanks and planes in front . only a cause that involves you directly, your beliefs and your own ground, like fighting occupation, can push you in that way. and you can never fight a war for others that way, never..
So even if at the political level, the situation is somehow different, it cannot be that far apart or else you wouldn’t have a structure with a solid coordination between the ground, and the political elite, and not that penetrated from the outside.
And this is where Israel fails and it will continue to do so, this is where the soldiers of an invading army are motivated by a paycheck, a good housing plan, a nice retirement plan, an army that is not acting in defense when it occupies others.  it is an army whose soldiers are shot in the back, because they were fleeing the zone of combat.  it is an army protected by a technology and not by a cause.  it is not true that they care about their own lives and that is why they retrieve or they are careful.  if they cared about lives they wouldn’t be bombing red cross ambulances, underground shelters, factories, and causing so much death and destruction among the civilian population especially when technology should not allow such big mistakes, so many œmissed‌ targets.  If they only care about their lives, then it is another proof of the blatant racist policies of a the zionist state.
The Israeli army should admit its defeat, the Israelis need to stamp on their arrogance and accept their losses, just like they are being defeated in Palestine, when people demonstrate when they say NO to occupation, when they call for the Right of Return..  And the myth of an undefeated Israel army should no longer be printed in the mind of people, especially our people, and all people under occupation, under exploitation in the Middle-East, Africa, Latin America.

The coastal lines are black from the oil spill due to the destruction of the tanks in the electrical plant of Jiyyeh, between Saida and Beirut, who is located directly on the costal front.  One of the few remaining coastal beaches in Beirut, œramlet al baida‌, has blocks of black sediments all along its shores as you may have seen on TV. and this environmental disaster is not biodegradable, the oil cannot just disappear in the waters by a dilution reaction, and the sea currents make the oil propagate in the sea.  the oil is lighter than water, so it culminates at the top sea level, it is forming a layer as 40cm in some areas, and it only goes away by means of a mechanical suction system to the outside.  we don’t have such engineering capabilities in Lebanon, this a work of foreign specialists, with a cost range of 150-200 million dollars, and the sea is still blocked by Israeli ships.  May be all the sea lovers and the international organizations for the protection of maritime life have a better chance in pushing Israel to stop its machines of destructions than the United Nations who supposedly protect Human Life.  But the Human being seems to be cheap in this part of the world.
Another sad environmental accident in this war is the destruction of the fuel tanks of the Airport in the first days of the war.  As you may remember, and it is easy to forget since Israel has destroyed so much in the past three weeks, the fuel tanks at the airport have been hit in the airport of Beirut.  There three fuel storage tanks serving the Airport, each one holding up to 6000 m3.  The one destroyed by a missile was holding up to 5000m3, or 5 millions liter, or 1.3 millions of gallons of fuel oil.  Usually, the fuel farm or each tank is protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system.  Of course, the missile took every thing down, and the automatic means for Fire suppression were no longer available.  since the other tanks were at proximity and in fear of the fire spreading to the other tanks, all manual extinguishing systems, water and foam, were used to cool down the two remaining tanks.  which meant that the fuel was left to combust, to be consumed entirely by the fire in order to stop the fire.  so there were 5 millions liter of fuel burnt in the air creating clouds of smoke and pollution for two days.

Now, there are talks of a fuel shortage in the country, so even the most essential institutions such as the hospitals, the bread bakeries, the gas stations,.  so the people are panicking and the waiting lines at the gas stations are pretty scary, and you are only allowed a gallon a car.  but some sources say the fuel shortage will happen within a week or ten days, so there is no need to worry  The problem is the lack of centralized sources in this type of crisis for information, and the lack of presence of the government and different ministries. also, the gas stations are the ones deciding to open, when to open, the time range, without a close control from the government.
And the Lebanese citizen is once again left unprotected and exposed, to the Israeli bombs, to the cheap exploitation of merchants, and to the money making institutions that are assessing their own financial interests first without being asked or questioned by any authority..

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