Full Coverage of Dr. Morsi Presidential Campaign Kickoff in Mahalla Al-Kubra on May Day

Full Coverage of Dr. Morsi Presidential Campaign Kickoff in Mahalla Al-Kubra on May Day

Commenting on the decision by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee to nominate him for Egypt’s presidency, Dr. Mohamed Morsi said: "I will comply, even though it be against my will and desire".

Morsi asserted that the major goal of the Brotherhood, the FJP and their presidential candidate was the advancement of Egypt, hence the advancement of the whole Islamic nation, and that the entire Brotherhood will be at the service of the homeland and the people who trust the Brothers and their organization.

Morsi also asserted that Egyptians will be choosing their president in fully transparent elections, without the least intervention, and that his goal is the advancement of Egypt in all fields.

Moreover, Morsi added that the sight of such large crowds supporting him and his Islamic project makes him feel the burden of this responsibility and the nation’s concerns which he bears.

Morsi expressed his determination to be stronger than people’s expectations and his hopes for the aspirations and ambitions of the Egyptian people to be realized as soon as possible.

He added that over 84 years, the Brotherhood never weakened or backed away from their responsibilities, mission, and the concerns of the Egyptian citizen.

Morsi further explained that the Brotherhood bears one of the strongest programs that could lead to Egypt’s rejuvenation and real renaissance.

He added that the workers of Mahalla sacrificed their lives in 2008 when they threw Mubarak’s picture on the ground and stepped on it, marking the true beginning of the revolution.

Morsi pointed out that Mahalla would reclaim its status as an industrial stronghold and be able to produce long strand cotton, once again.

Morsi reaffirmed that Egyptians will not accept any delay in the transfer of power to civilians, and that the revolution will continue, calling to attention May 23 as the date for presidential elections and June 30 as the date in which the new president will assume power.

Addressing counter-revolutionaries, Morsi added that some people are tampering with the revolution by fabricating crises, describing those as heedless and advising them to learn from Mubarak’s lesson.

He asserted that neither the defunct regime’s leftovers nor the incumbent government will succeed in aborting or hindering the revolution, noting that all Egyptians both inside and outside Egypt are united in support of Egypt’s advancement on the path of the revolution.

Morsi affirmed that restoring Egyptian dignity abroad is one of the priorities of Nahda (Renaissance) Project within the framework of balanced relations with other countries.

Morsi added that the value of good Egyptian-Saudi ties is well-known and no one can subvert those to hinder Pan-Arab renaissance. Morsi also prized the role of Saudi Arabia in the region and called for the restoration of Egyptian-Saudi relations.

In the same context, Morsi called for Ahmed Al-Gizawy’s rights and the Saudi ambassador’s return to Cairo, affirming that as president he would maintain good relations with Arab countries based on mutual respect.

Morsi affirmed that the days of subordination were gone, pointing out that he bears a national project that aims for progress in all fields.

"The days of the one and only leader have gone, because now the nation is the source of authority, and moderate Islamic law is the only hope for the nation’s revitalization."

While acts of worship and Islamic rituals represent one side of the Islamic coin, Morsi explained, laws and regulations represent the other, and the country will not rise without the complementary roles of both.

Morsi elaborated that his project aims to include the contributions of the young and old, men and women, and Muslims and Copts along with good intentions, a will, ethics, hard work, accuracy, patriotism, interaction, and keenness to please God, in setting out towards stability and true development through the Nahda Project.

Badie: Morsi will be independent from the Brotherhood when elected as president

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie expressed his happiness with the large crowd that came to support Dr. Morsi noting that there will be no more oppression after the revolution, nor subordination or corruption, but rather freedom and social justice.

In his speech, Badie said that all Egyptians have become owners and partners in the homeland, affirming that the Egyptian revolution was unprecedented, unmatched, and that Egyptians will be raising the flag of tolerant, moderate Islam.

Badie compared the Brotherhood to an orchard where the seeds of good were sewn for society to reap when its fruits were ripe, citing Dr. Aziz Sedky’s words in which he expressed sorrow and regret for Egyptians for being for so long deprived of the good endeavors of the Brotherhood.

Further, Badie pointed out that the Brotherhood will react to bad attitude and behavior with good ones, stressing that the Brotherhood are striving towards Egypt’s advancement and will cooperate with all parties and individuals with the same aim.

"We give all the benefit of the doubt, and apologize for our mistakes", Badie said conveying a message to the people of Egypt, young and old. "The country is yours and the revolution is yours, and no one is above accountability," Badie added.

He explained that the Brotherhood fielded a unique individual, an ethical scholar who graduated from the school of the Brotherhood to raise the nation’s flag.

Noting that he had not met with Morsi since his nomination, Badie said that all those shouting slogans calling for the fall of the Chairman’s rule mean absolutely nothing because he, in fact, has no authority over anyone, not even his students, since he is on vacation now.

Remarking on those who say that Morsi receives instructions from the Brotherhood’s Chairman, Badie said that the Muslim Brotherhood learns from the examples of the companions of the Prophet of Islam, mentioning the example of the first Caliph Abu Bakr El-Siddiq when he became a soldier under the leadership of Osama Ibn Zayd, although he was the Caliph at that time.

Badie explained that just as the nation once pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr, Egyptians will pledge allegiance to Mohamed Morsi. "When the people choose Morsi as their President, I will dissolve his allegiance to me so that his allegiance will be to all Egyptians", Badie said.

He added, "Morsi has not even an atom’s weight of arrogance, which makes him the most suitable to serve the Egyptian people and the homeland".

Addressing Morsi, Badie continued: "When we find you doing good, we will encourage you. When you do wrong, we will direct you back to what is right".

He pointed that Morsi lives by the saying: "If you’re given authority on your demand, you will bear the responsibility for it; but if you are given it without asking, you will be helped in carrying the responsibility".


El-Sirgany: Morsi did not seek power; I call on people to endorse him

Dr. Ragheb El-Sirgany, Member of the Islamic Legitimate Body for Rights and Reformation and member of the teaching staff in Qasr El-Ainy School of Medicine, addressed the Mahalla rally.

“We are very near to a state with Islamic reference, in which everyone will get their rights, Copts and Muslims alike. I wholeheartedly call on the Egyptian people to support Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate of the Brotherhood and the FJP, and to back Egypt’s Nahda Project.”

In his speech, El-Sirgany also said that Morsi did not seek power and that the Brotherhood does not seek after any riches or positions.

El-Sirgany further called on the audience to present God’s religion and Nahda Project in the best manner possible, and urged citizens to participate in the elections as a vital duty.

El-Sirgany then addressed Morsi, "We have lifted the responsibility off our shoulders and put it on yours. You were responsible only for your family, but after a few days you will be close to accountability for a whole nation. So, show God all the strength you have".


Abdel-Maksoud: I call on all to unite behind Morsi

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud, Vice-President of the Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation (ILBRR), conveyed a message supporting Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP, at the presidential campaign launch rally in Mahalla Al-Kubra, Wednesday night.

In his message, conveyed by an attendee on his behalf, Abdel-Maksoud said: "I was determined to come, but circumstances prevented me. I announce my support for Dr. Mohamed Morsi as president of Egypt out of my desire to protect the interests of the Egyptian people, and for my homeland to be ruled by God’s law", underscoring the need for unity and healthy competition.

"We will vote for Morsi not only because he bears Nahda (Renaissance) Project, but also because he works within an integrative system as old as 84 years that has for long made sacrifices for this country, and because he never desired or sought authority, position or power", Maksoud said calling on all people to unite behind Dr. Morsi.


Hegazy: Morsi is the best candidate to apply Islamic law

Secretary-General of the Board of Trustees of the Revolution Dr. Safwat Hegazy affirmed that the people of Mahalla were the initial spark of the January 25 revolution when they burnt the picture of then president Mubarak back in 2008.

Hegazy asserted that the people of Mahalla possessed good morals and a revolutionary nature, and rejected corruption. He added that ILBRR scholars chose Dr. Mohamed Morsi after reviewing all the candidates, those excluded and non-excluded, and found that he was the closest to the people’s Islamic aspirations.

Hegazy explained that the ILBRR endorsed Morsi because he is backed by a strong party, group, and institution which are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party, and that he is the closest to applying moderate, tolerant Islamic law.

Hegazy added that they will not accept from Dr. Mohamed Morsi or the Brotherhood anything less than applying Islamic law in Egypt.  At this point, the stadium was vibrating with the loud chants: "The people want to apply God’s law.

"As an Egyptian citizen who loves Egypt, I support Dr. Morsi in order to end military rule. The revolution will not end until an Egyptian president is freely elected. The Egyptian people will not allow anyone to tamper with ballot boxes, and will deal with any fraud with the full force of the law.”

Addressing the crowd, Hegazy said: "This is your revolution and we will not vote for any regime remnants. I am sure the current phase of transition will be completed successfully and that Egypt will be among the top leading countries of the world".

Hegazy further emphasized that voting is an obligation, saying: "He who doesn’t go out to vote during elections makes a major mistake".


Al-Araby: Morsi is the "Ideal Candidate"

Egyptian artist Wagdi Al-Araby affirmed that Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential nominee of the Brotherhood and the FJP, was the most ideal candidate on the arena.

In his speech, Al-Araby criticized the media for waging a war of disinformation in a desperate attempt to distort the image of the Brotherhood and the FJP, saying: "Truth is difficult. Distorting someone’s image is easy. Explaining facts, however, is difficult".

Al-Araby pointed out that he had decided to support the FJP’s candidate when he read details of Nahda Project, and that his respect for Morsi grew after listening to him.

Al-Araby prayed that God help Morsi to shoulder his responsibility, and assured fellow Copts that their pride and their interests would be protected under Morsi.


Khashaba: Morsi Qualifies for Leadership, I Back Him for Nahda Project

Egyptian soccer Captain Hady Khashaba affirmed his support for Dr. Mohamed Morsi to apply God’s law in Egypt and revitalize the country, emphasizing that Morsi did not seek power and that his humbleness qualifies him for leading Egypt towards a better future.

In his speech, Khashaba called on the audience to remember Allah’s blessing and thank Him for uniting them in this massive rally, noting that he had played at that stadium but never once saw that size of an audience.

Khashaba stressed his confidence in Morsi’s success because of his project and support from the Brotherhood, asserting that Morsi is a political warrior and a great scholar who has suffered like all Egyptians, and that his personality qualifies him for leadership.


Khaled Abdullah: We firmly support Morsi , confident in his success

Muslim preacher and media figure Khaled Abdullah affirmed his wholehearted support for Dr. Mohamed Morsi, presidential contender of the Brotherhood and the FJP.

In his speech, Abdullah added that the ILBRR is firm in its support for Morsi because he is the most capable among the candidates and bears an Islamic project, asserting that Morsi will revive Egypt through Islamic Reference.


Saad El-Husseini: Morsi is the next President

In his speech, MP Saad El-Husseini, Chairman of the People’s Assembly Plan and Budget Committee and FJP lawmaker, gave advice to Dr. Mohamed Morsi, presidential front-runner of the Brotherhood and the FJP:

"Help the poor, needy, bereaved, and widows, not only in Egypt but in all Muslim countries. Be merciful and kind with Egyptians, Muslims and Christians alike; even if they are competing politicians or opponents, they still love Egypt as we do.

"So, learn from them. You will be a president for all Egyptians. Be a good example in applying Islamic law. Egypt is a responcibility in your hands, so restore its deserved status among Arab and Muslim countries", El-Husseini said.

El-Husseini also reminded Morsi to fear Allah in good and bad times, and not to forget the poor, handicapped or unemployed.

"Be merciful with your people, learn from them and be sympathetic with them because you will be Egypt’s next president, by the will of God.

"Prove to our Christian brothers that there is no difference between them and their Muslim brethren. Assure them of their right to refer to their scriptures, and their equality with Muslims in terms of rights and duties."

El-Husseini further called on Morsi to be close to experts and scientists who will assist in overcoming the obstacles that face Egypt.

"Restore confidence to the police who protect Egypt internally and the army who protects the borders, because the people and the army are one against Egypt’s enemies inside and outside the homeland. Never tire of achieving justice and equality for the great people of Egypt."


Long human chains welcome Morsi in Mahalla Al-Kubra

Supporters of Morsi at Mahalla Al-Kubra stood in long lines since two in the afternoon on Wednesday to welcome Dr. Morsi.

The lines reached 22km in length, beginning from Tanta city, passing through Rakdiya village, Shabshir El-Hissa, Mahalla Ruh, El-Hayatim, Saft Turab, Ayash, Manshiyet El-Bakry, Shuwayki Saad and Balqina, all the way to Mahalla city, holding pictures of Morsi as well as Egyptian and FJP flags.


The Revolutionary Vow Shakes Mahalla El-Kobra

Tens of thousands of Gharbiya Province folks participating in the massive rally to support Dr. Mohamed Morsi repeated the revolutionary vow: "We swear by God, to protect our revolution… its goals… its principles… and honor martyrs’ blood… to live for it… die for it… God is Great… God is all I need… He is the Best Guardian. He protects the revolution…The people protect the revolution".