Gaddafi’s son: Libya is at a crossroads and everybody wants a piece

Gaddafi’s son: Libya is at a crossroads and everybody wants a piece

In a televised statement on State TV Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader addressed the people stating that the region is experiencing an earthquake, a storm adding that this part of the world must undoubtedly go through big changes, coming from the people. He described the unrests in the Middle East as a Facebook Revolution blaming opposition outside Libya.

He summarized the situation; Libyan security forces preemptively arrested some of the organizers before February 17, marches turned into clashes, shots were fired; some people died, and suddenly police stations and an army camp in Benghazi were targeted.

He admitted there were mistakes by the army claiming the people were attempting to break into these places and the police and the army was obliged to defend these locations.

 He asserted that there were mistakes committed by both sides. The army isn’t prepared nor ready to face angry people descending on its headquarters. They were simply defending their headquarters and their ammunition.

Gaddafi’s son stated that the media exaggerated casualty figures, citing Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera and BBC in particular stressing that things have developed into a separatist movement.

He accused groups wanting to establish a state in east Libya and they want to rule and that there were Islamic groups in eastern town of Al Bayda who attacked army camps, killed troops, "committed massacres," stole weapons and "announced the establishment of a so-called Islamic emirate."

He added that there were other forces at play, which thugs and criminals who fled prisons and who have an interest in chaos alleging that security forces have arrested dozens of Arabs and Africans who were instigating the unrest.

He claimed that there was a conspiracy against Libya where foreigners have been involved in the unrest.
Seif emphasized that Libya was not Tunisia and Egypt and Libya has oil that has united Libya warning this oil will be burnt. Thugs, criminals, gangs and tribes will burn it. He continued "If Libya were to splinter, the different parts won’t be able to agree on sharing the oil, which will cause bloodshed.

He ended his address warning the people that if Libya splinters, it may turn into a number of small states and that Libya was not a society of party politics, but a society of clans and tribes where everyone is armed and that after the attacks in the east, even the thugs have machine guns and tanks describing Libya was at a crossroads and that the force which wants to destroy Libya has weapons.