Gado: Human Rights Situation in Egypt is the worst globally

Gado: Human Rights Situation in Egypt is the worst globally
MP Osama Gado, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and member of the legislative committee in the Parliament described human rights situations in Egypt as the worst at the level of the globe.
He said: by only looking at the reports of the international human rights organizations and civil society organization we can see how deteriorating the human rights situation in Egypt over the past decades is.
This deterioration is clear in many areas such as oppressing public freedoms, faking the will of Egyptians in elections, security services recruiting gangs to attack citizens and political opponents, flagrantly violating judiciary rulings, wasting the rights to education and pure drinking water and hygienic food.
Gado stressed that the solution would be in the formation of strong public opinions and a national front to include all political powers in order to force the ruling system to respect human rights.
The Freedom House human rights organization considered Egypt as a “very oppressive” country and one of the most countries which successfully hinders the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).
Freedom House pointed out in its report to the UNHRC from 2007 to 2009  that oppressive countries in the Council are a minority compared to democratic ones, but it seeks to hinder the work of the Council.
It stressed that the weakest point of the Council is that many of the democratic countries in the world allowed countries that are very oppressive such as Egypt, China and Cuba to have seats in the Council and carry on using its oppressive approach.
In its report it emphasised that oppressive countries are imposing pressures to end the work of its Rapporteurs to the UNHRC, however the Council ignores it. It gave the Rapporteur of the Sudan’s Affairs who gets renewals since 1993 despite the Sudanese government’s attempts to end his delegation as an example.