Galawi’s life line convoy reaches Tunisia, en route to Gaza Strip

Galawi’s life line convoy reaches Tunisia, en route to Gaza Strip

Tunisian officials have announced Thursday the arrival of convoy “life line” led by British lawmaker George Galawi to Tunisia en route to the besieged coastal Gaza Strip via Libya and Egypt.

The humanitarian caravan, which is loaded with medicine and basic human needs to the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, has crossed the Bou Shabka crossing point between Tunisia and Algeria amidst overwhelming popular reception as thousands of Tunisian citizens there stood along the two sides of the road to welcome the activists, local sources revealed.

The convoy comprises around 300 activists from different countries led by Galawi, and 120 vehicles and trucks, and succeeded to open the sealed off Moroccan-Algerian borders for the first time in years.

It started a couple of weeks ago from London, crossing Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, and now in Tunisia before they continue the trip to Gaza Strip through Libya and Egypt, and then to Rafah crossing point that separates the Strip from Egypt.

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Ghannoshi welcomed Galawi, who underlined, “We were shocked with what had happened to the Palestinian people [at the hand of the Israelis], and here we are now coming to extend a helping hand to those oppressed people”.

“The convoy reflects the feelings of the people of the countries it passes through as we are always warmly welcomed in every place we pass”, the lawmaker stressed.

Since 2006, the Israeli occupation government with full support from the former US administration of George W. Bush imposed crippling economic, political, and financial embargo on the Palestinian people as punishment for them for electing Hamas to rule them.