Gallup Poll Shows 15% of Egyptians Support MB

Gallup Poll Shows 15% of Egyptians Support MB

A poll conducted after the January revolution which succeeded in toppling Mubarak and his regime, revealed that 15% of Egyptians support the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Gallup Poll found 69% of Egyptians wanting religious leaders to assume what was described as an "advisory role" in creating the country’s new legislation, while a majority did not favour a theocratic government. Over 60% reported no political preference.

Gallup researchers questioned 1,000 Egyptians aged 15 and older in late March and early April and results proved that the people showed strong religious tolerance despite the sectarian clashes.

According to the poll nearly half of the Egyptians believed the economy is worsening where more than one-third of those surveyed said they have trouble feeding themselves and their family or providing for the most basic needs.

The majority however were optimistic about both the political and economic future of the country.