Galway Refused to Enter Egypt

After being detained for 18 hours under severe conditions, George Galway, the British member of the parliament, refused to enter Egypt. He branded the Egyptian government ’undemocratic’ and ’police-run.’
The British Respect Party, headed by Galway, labeled the authorities approach ’outrageous.’ Galway was denied access to Egypt. He, in addition, was detained for a day without being offered either water or food and was seated on an uncomfortable metal chair. 
In its statement, the party condemned the authorities’ allegation that Galway poses a threat to the Egyptian national security. It added that Galway is an ardent opponent of American, Israeli, and British policies, especially Iraq war. He, furthermore, directed criticism at Mubarak’s policies and the pro-American role of Egypt in war on Iraq.
On his part, the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentarian, Hassen Hamdy, lodged a request of information to the Prime Minister, along with both Interior and Foreign Affaires Ministers concerning this instance. ’Do those who have been detained Galway know that he is pro-Arab? Did they hear about his vehement criticism on Iraqi war in the Congress? He has lashed out at the Americans making them unable to replay; a stance that senior officials can not adopt in our countries,’ Hamdy wondered. 
Besides, the Brotherhood’s legislative denounced the atrocious attitude of the security authorities toward a pro-Arabs personality. This incident reveals how authorities contribute in losing proponents and advocates of our issues.