Gamal Mubarak Faints During NDP General Secretariat Meeting

Gamal Mubarak, the undersecretary-general and head of policies committee in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), fainted for five minutes before his meeting on Tuesday with the NDP General Secretariat members to discuss the new developments regarding the constitutional amendments.
A state of panic hit NDP members who saw this inside the Secretariat Hall, while some doctors struggled to make him restore his consciousness, and they reassured that there is no danger on his life and that the fainting was caused by flue
A source familiar with the Policies Committee reported that “doctors told Gamal Mubarak that he is very exhausted due exerting more efforts and malnutrition and they advised him to take at least two-day complete rest.”
The same source pointed out that Gamal Mubarak has exhausted himself during the last period when the party started to discuss the controversial constitutional amendments that provoked disagreements among NDP members, as some demanded amending other articles in the constitution; specially the second article stating that the Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation.
Gamal Mubarak has reportedly refused the demands for amending the second article, triggering hot discussions with the party members in the General Secretariat around this article.
Also, he held along with other undersecretary generals contacts with NDP members of parliament to study the required steps regarding the amendments and organizing public conferences nationwide to present them to the public opinion for approval and vote for them in the referendum scheduled to be held next week.
On the other hand, Gamal Mubarak will travel to Paris, later this month, to buy furniture for his house to prepare for his wedding ceremony next summer.

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