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  • September 21, 2006
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Gamal Mubarak Speaks of Egypt’s Right To Nuclear Energy

At the National Party’s fourth annual Congress which started Tuesday September 19,2006, Gamal Mubarak dropped a bombshell when he spoke of Egypt’s right to have a nuclear energy program, regarding it as one of the most crucial issues which encounters Egypt and its coming generations” It is time that Egypt weighs the nuclear energy as one of the alternatives on its agenda”. Gamal Mubarak added that the nuclear energy is one of two papers to be discussed in the conference; with the other related to the national security and the future of the Middle East, focusing on the transformations which the Middle East is likely to undergo and their effect on the ME region in general and  the Egyptian security in particular.

Gamal Mubarak voiced his rejection of what is called “the Greater Middle East” and added that Egypt does not accept outside initiatives that could change the face of the region” 

MB Reactions

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, MB senior member, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, said that what is happening within the NDP’s annual congress reflects the state of chaos within the party ranks. He added that Gamal invented the nuclear energy story to gain credibility by the public. Dr. Heshmat described Gamal statements as “propaganda” and do not reflect the regime’s actual policies “the ruling National Party itself has stalled Egypt’s nuclear project as well as the military industrialization projects”, Dr. Heshmat added

On the Muslim Brotherhood’s position toward the use of nuclear energy, Heshmat said that the group sees it a right for any country to possess and use whatever means of energy and power that work in favor of its interest, pointing out that the nuclear energy isn’t a monopoly to the major states and Israel, “But the NDP is not strong enough to withstand the backlash which could result from such a decision”, Heshmat lamented.

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