Gamal Mubarak’s Tours Usher In Succession, Says MP

Gamal Mubarak’s Tours Usher In Succession, Says MP

Dr. Farid Ismail (Muslim Brotherhood MP) demanded the Egyptian government to clarify the capacity which gives Gamal Mubarak the right to move with a group of ministers across the country with unusually extensive national media coverage of his tours.

Gamal Mubarak (Assistant Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party, and Secretary of the Policies Committee) appeared recently in a public conference which was held in Al-Assaeed village in the Nile Delta governorate of Al-Sarqeyya, in the framework of his frequent visits to most of
Egypt“s governorates in the recent period accompanied by unusual media publicity.

Ismail stressed that public meetings conducted by Gamal Mubarak shortly before the upcoming conferences of the ruling party are meant to accelerate the succession file and introduce it to the people.

The MP pointed out that it does not matter who will be the president, but what is important, is the fair elections which will choose the coming president, unlike Shura and municipal elections which were marred by irregularities and election fraud.

He demanded the National Party not to “deride” the Egyptian people, and practically deny their tough circumstances and their daily suffering, which is more important than any media publicity for any coming president.