Gaza’s Health Ministry warns of impending disaster

Gaza’s Health Ministry warns of impending disaster

 Gaza’s Ministry of Health has warned that the blockaded territory will run out of essential dialysis solutions and insulin within the next few days. There are hundreds of patients with renal failure requiring daily dialysis or kidney transplants.

The Ministry’s Directorate of Pharmaceuticals said that the drug shortages have affected more than 40 per cent of drug warehouses in the Strip; and that there are 165 missing essential medical supplies.

Much of the stock has run out including essential drugs needed for blood cancer patients, epilepsy drugs, drugs required for women and children, drugs needed during pregnancy and birth, thalassemia and many others as well as baby milk formula and specific medicines and equipment needed for new-borns. The lives of Palestinian patients are in danger, especially those in intensive care and those that have serious cardiac and neuronal conditions.

The Health Ministry in Gaza says only 37 per cent of the necessary medical supplies were delivered in 2010, warning that the besieged Strip is at risk of impending health disaster that will affect the lives of thousands of patients if supplies are not replenished immediately.