Gaza-bound aid ship due to set sail from Indonesia soon

Gaza-bound aid ship due to set sail from Indonesia soon

The Deputy Speaker of Indonesia Parliament Dr. Muhammad Anis Matta said preparations are being made to send a naval convoy from Indonesia to Gaza to bust the Israeli siege directly following preparations underway by grass-roots organizations and parties backed by high-profile politicians in Indonesia.

Matta said the Indonesians see the U.S.-backed Israeli siege on Gaza as a humanitarian issue.

Matta’s statements came during an interview with the Palestinian Information Center to be published later. He added that that his party has adopted a strategy of transforming the Palestinian cause from an Islamic cause into a humanitarian cause to attract participation from all people in support of the cause.

“We have succeeded in this mission, and the Palestinian cause has become a focal point shared now by all spectrums of the Indonesian people, Muslims and non-Muslims,” Matta explained.

In the face of the direct peace talks in progress between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Matta said: “We believe that all of the negotiations going on now will not bring positive results for the Palestinians,” adding that he has chosen to back the resistance movement.

“The Palestinian resistance in the Indonesian point of view is primarily a religious message, a constitutional message, and a historical message,” he went on to say.