Gaza-bound convoy from Jordan lands in Syria

Gaza-bound convoy from Jordan lands in Syria


LATAKIA, — A humanitarian aid convoy from Jordan landed noon Monday in Syria and is scheduled to join the European Lifeline 5 convoy, which arrived in the country two days back, before heading out to the Gaza Strip.

Maysara Malas, who is a member of the Lifeline committee in Jordan, said in a press release that the convoy left Monday morning for the Latakia port in Syria to unite there with the European Lifeline 5 convoy led by former British MP George Galloway and another aid convoy from North Africa.

The Jordanian convoy includes 40 trucks from Jordan and 12 from Arab Gulf countries. Out of the 138 activists on board, 32 are from Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait, and the rest are from Jordan.

Malas said the convoy will stay in the Syrian port for the day and then head out for the Egyptian El Arish port, and from there will move by land to Gaza through the Rafah crossing point.

Lifeline 5 began its journey to Gaza last month before the British House of Commons led by Galloway and landed in Turkey on 27 September.