Gaza children ask the world to provide them with safe, normal life

Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday marched in the streets of Gaza asking the international community to protect them from IOF aggressions and to secure the safe, normal life they deserve similar to other world children.

“We wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night on the sounds of warplanes, explosions, incursions, shelling and lethal bullets that kill our childhood and innocence,” they said during the march.

The rally organized by the Palestinian Center for Helping Resolve Community Disputes in the Gaza Strip carried the slogan of combating violence against children.

Children hoisted placards reading: “We will not allow distinction between us and other world children”, “We want to live in peace and security”, “We have a right to play” and other similar slogans.

They addressed a message of solidarity to the children of Lebanon, saying, “It is our fate to face the aggression and the destructive war machine”.

They also addressed a message to the Israeli children informing them on the immensity of suffering the Palestinian children were facing and experiencing as a result of their government’s incessant atrocities in lines of the Palestinian people as a whole and children in particular.