Gaza children protest at Israeli ban on stationery and school needs

Gaza children protest at Israeli ban on stationery and school needs

Hundreds of Gaza school students and children participated in the protest organized Tuesday by the Palestinian ministry of education to condemn the Israeli ban imposed on the entry of stationery and school needs as a result of the blockade that affected all walks of life in the Strip.

The protest activities included a drawing contest held in the square of the unknown soldier in Gaza city, where the students expressed through the drawings their rejection of the unjust blockade imposed on Gaza people.

The drawings reflected the size of suffering experienced by Gaza children and students as well as their hopes, aspirations and willingness to live in peace like other children of the world.

Afterwards, the students and children headed towards the UN headquarters in Gaza city and handed a letter from the children of Gaza in which they expressed their protest at the Israeli siege on the Strip and asked UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon to take action to end the Israeli violations against Gaza children’s right to education.

In the same context, Sawasya center for human rights warned Monday of the difficult living conditions experienced by Gaza people especially in the education sector because of the Israeli refusal to allow in school supplies.

The center said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) was supposed to allow into Gaza about 80 to 100 trucks loaded with stationary and school supplies purchased by Gaza merchants before the start of the school year, but it deliberately insists on detaining these trucks at crossings in order to undermine the education process in the Strip and humiliate its citizens as part of the collective punishment imposed on them.

The center called on the international community, human and children rights organizations especially the UNICEF to immediately intervene and pressure Israel to allow in vital needs to Gaza particularly with regard to education and health.