Gaza electricity station stops functioning

Gaza electricity station stops functioning

Gaza’s sole electricity generation station stopped functioning on Friday morning after it ran out of fuel, threatening to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip.

The Palestinian energy authority said in a statement that the generation station shut down all its turbines at 08.00 am.

Kenan Obeid, the deputy chairman of the energy authority, blamed the illegitimate government in Ramallah led by Salam Fayyad for the blackout in Gaza for reducing the amount of money paid for Israel to deliver the necessary fuel to operate the station.

In a statement to the PIC, Obeid said that Fayyad had agreed with the European Union to pay his government the sum allocated for that fuel and since then the quantity was being gradually slashed.

He said that the power deficit in the Strip was now 50%, noting that the power outage would carry serious consequences on all basic sectors.

He asked all those concerned to solve the problem before a humanitarian disaster befalls the Strip.