Gaza Health Ministry: 137 of required medicines out of stock

Gaza Health Ministry: 137 of required medicines out of stock

GAZA, The ministry of health in Gaza warned Monday that 137 types of medicine and 150 of essential medical supplies are out of stock in Gaza, among those supplies are drugs used to treat cancer and kidney patients.

The ministry’s pharmaceutical director is calling on the ministry’s counterpart in Ramallah to release to the Gaza Strip the drugs it is withholding. Only 37 per cent of required medical supplies reached the Strip this year so far, he said.

Gaza health ministry public relations director Ahmed Al-Ashi assigned blame to Israel’s four year blockade on the coastal enclave for the sharp shortage. Israeli forces have blocked urgent medical and humanitarian aid from being imported into the Strip.

Ashi called on the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and human rights groups to take immediate intervention to provide Gazan people with necessary drugs.

In a constant battle to avoid surplus of unnecessary drugs, the ministry is appealing to donating countries and bodies to refer to Palestine’s directory of medicines to cater to patients’ requirements by contacting the ministry’s pharmaceutical and international cooperation administrations.

The most needed medical supplies are ECG paper and drugs used for surgery, intensive care, anesthesia, respiration, childbirth, eye surgery, and more.