Gaza hospital suffers interruption in electricity supply

Gaza hospital suffers interruption in electricity supply

GAZA, –On Thursday electricity supply to the labor word and operating theater was interrupted for ten minutes threatening lives of patients.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip has resulted in one of the backup generators failing on Thursday morning which has resulted in the electricity supply to the labor ward and the operating theatre being interrupted for ten minutes.

Director of maintenance and engineering at the Ministry of Health, Bassam al-Hamadin, stressed the risks associated with using the backup generators for long hours because of electricity blackouts pointing to the fact the those generators are not designed to be overworked in this manner and the extra stress put on them causes them to fail more often.

He added that the problem is aggravated by having to use the only available law quality diesel to run those generators which makes the generators more prone to break-downs.

He also pointed out that repair of failing generators is some times impossible because of the Israeli occupation bars the entry of parts as they are not considered humanitarian supplies.

The people in the Gaza Strip have to put up with a 16 hour daily interruption of their electricity supply as the only power station in the Strip is not working on full capacity and electricity has to be rationed.