Gaza plunged in darkness

Gaza plunged in darkness

The Palestinian energy authority in Gaza has warned of an unprecedented humanitarian, health and environmental disaster as a result of the total blackout in the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening following the Israeli occupation forces” ground invasion.

Kenan Obeid, the head of the authority, told the PIC that the Gaza Strip was on the brink of an unparalleled catastrophe that is further complicated by the IOF aggression that did not spare any sector.

He stressed that one and a half million Palestinians are actually suffering from the electricity outage as the entire Strip plunged into darkness.

Obeid said that the IOF troops had destroyed all electricity supply lines and networks reaching the Strip from Israel during bombardment of border areas.

It is difficult at present to estimate the exact volume of destruction that befell the electricity networks, the energy official said. He asked the world to intervene to enable his technicians to repair the damaged lines.

Obeid said that many of his technical teams came under shelling while maintaining lines in civilian suburbs, which meant that repairing damage at border areas would be impossible.

He also warned that electricity generators in hospitals could not work round the clock, which entailed big dangers on the already difficult conditions in those hospitals as many of their wards depend on electricity to operate live-saving medical equipment.