GCMHP: Gaza children need justice

GCMHP: Gaza children need justice

GAZA — The Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) said on Thursday that the deep wound that the children of Gaza were suffering due to the Israeli brutal aggressions could be cured only if justice is brought to those children.

According to officials in the program, brining justice to the children of Gaza would greatly help cure that wound in the long term, stressing the right of the Palestinian children to enjoy their childhood and be happy like any other children in this world.

In a statement it issued and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, the program underlined that defending the children’s rights needs actions more than talk and repetition of traditional slogans that only express sympathy with the children.

Furthermore, the program called on all concerned international institutions to consolidate their efforts in rallying the international opinion and support against the organized Israeli crimes against the Palestinian children, noting that the Gaza Strip was slowly suffocated by the crippling Israeli siege that started three years ago, and must immediately be lifted.

The program also explained that hundreds of Palestinian children were incarcerated in Israeli jails, in addition to tens of thousands of them who are still suffering the painful outcomes of the Israeli bombardment of their homes by the Israeli occupation troops, adding that records of the United Nations revealed that at least 60% of Gaza children live under the poverty line.