German Social Democratic Party Chairman Pledges Economic, Industrial and Tourism Support for Egypt

German Social Democratic Party Chairman Pledges Economic, Industrial and Tourism Support for Egypt

Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Thursday morning, Sigmar Gabriel, Chairman of the German Social Democratic Party, and Michael Bock, the German Ambassador in Cairo, at the FJP’s headquarters in downtown Cairo.

Further, Dr. Osama Yassin welcomed the German delegation, pointing to the depth of relations between Egypt and Germany. He expressed the hope that these meetings contribute to even an better and deeper acquaintance and increase cooperation between the two countries.

Dr. Yassin reviewed with the German delegation features of the Egyptian political scene during the transitional period, underscoring the need for Egypt’s new Constitution to reflect the full spectrum of Egyptian people segments, faiths, leanings and active stakeholders, and for establishing a constitutional democratic modern state, based on the values of freedom, justice, equality, citizenship and social justice.

Dr. Yassin explained that Egypt’s priorities are security and the economy, stressing the need to commission a government that would deal with these two issues with a sense of ‘permanent’ perspective and responsibility, unlike a temporary or interim government.

Discussing the role of Germany in support of modern Egypt, Dr. Yassin expressed the hope to increase cooperation in the fields of industrial support, investments, training Egyptian workers, and promoting German tourism incoming to Egypt.

At the international level, Dr. Yassin called on Germany to play a more active role and put pressure on the Assad regime to stop the massacres committed daily by his brutal forces against his own people. He said international conscience will be haunted by the horrific scenes and crimes perpetrated against the Syrian people, whose blood flows out in full view of the entire international community.

With regard to the Palestinian cause, Yassin praised the German role in the rejection of settlement operations carried out by Israel in the occupied territories, noting that the countries of the Arab Spring are looking forward to a European role that is fairer and more objective, and less biased towards Israel.

For his part, Sigmar Gabriel congratulated the FJP on the results it achieved in the Egyptian parliamentary elections, pointing out that Germany is looking forward to strong relations with Egypt based on cooperation and common interests, and expressed his hope that the FJP’s political practice would help change the stereotypical misconceptions some have about Islamist parties in general.

Moreover, Gabriel mentioned that Germany supports the Syrian people’s right to self-determination, highlighting the need for the Syrian regime to stop the violence and the need to persuade Russia to reverse its position.

On the Palestinian issue, Gabriel emphasized the right of Palestinians to have their own independent state, reiterating Germany’s condemnation of Israeli settlement activity in occupied lands.