Germany releases suspect in Mabhouh slaying on bail

Germany releases suspect in Mabhouh slaying on bail

German prosecutors Friday let out on bail Mossad agent Uri Brodsky, a suspect in the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud  al-Mabhouh in Dubai eight months ago.

Brodsky appeared before a court in Cologne, West Germany, which decided to free him after setting “a suitable bail”, a spokesman for the prosecution said, adding that the court of first instance and the prosecution agreed to indict him for fabricating an official document.

The suspect was extradited to Germany from Poland, where he was arrested June 4 in the Warsaw airport after a warrant for his arrest was issued by Berlin on suspicion of involvement in obtaining a forged German passport and espionage.

Experts say he will be tried only for counterfeiting a passport, a charge which if convicted incurs a punishment of fines and three years in prison.

International criminal law expert Kay Petarz told the French press agency (AFP) that Brodsky cannot be prosecuted in Germany on charges he was not handed over for from Poland, which is falsifying documents.

The case was taken by Cologne prosecution because the counterfeit passport was procured in the city.

According to the German Der Spiegel newspaper, the Mossad agent is accused of taking part in the murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was found dead Jan. 20 in a hotel in Dubai.