Ghad Party follows ElBaradei’s lead to boycott election

Ghad Party follows ElBaradei’s lead to boycott election

As Egypt ‘s parliamentary elections near decisions are pondered within each opposition’s political group and announcements are made. Reuters writes that the Ghad party founded by Dr. Ayman Nour has confirmed that it will boycott parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

The Party’s leader asserted that it followed the lead of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who had recently emerged onto the political scene and viewed by many as a possible threat with his ideas announced that he would boycott the elections which he described ad being rigged. Reiterating ElBaradei’s call for boycotting elections.

“We respect the opinion of ElBaradei in the boycott,” Ghad chairman Ayman Nour said after his party voted overwhelmingly against participation. “This man is a great weight in the process of change, and we respect him”.

Numerous meetings have been conducted in an effort to create a united front by boycotting elections. If this widespread boycott comes through the article writes

 A boycott of parliamentary elections could raise the stakes for a presidential vote in 2011, analysts say. Mubarak, 82, has not said if he will run again but many Egyptians believe he will try to lever his son Gamal, 46, into power if he does not.

Despite continued denials that there is any handing over of power officials from the ruling party maintain that they ‘welcome a Gamal and Mubarak bid.

Co-founder for the Ghad Party highlighted that they boycotted the elections emphasizing that time has come

To break out of the rules of this game and lay down new rules. We will work to create a new parliament and a new constitution”.

According to Ghad Party Boycotting the elections stems from incidents in the mid term elections which were held in June where Mubarak’s ruling party swept most seats adding that the right groups wrote up reports and complained of abuses. The government however asserted that the government insisted the vote was fair.

The Muslim Brotherhood however remains adamant and will participate in the elections despite the continued arrests.