Ghanoshy: We Hope For Genuine Political Reform in Tunisia

Ghanoshy to Ikhwanweb: We Hope Real Political Reform in Tunisia
The Chairman of the Islamic El-Nahda Movement in Tunisia Sheikh Rashed el-Ghanoshy made exclusive statements to Ikhwan Web over the release of some his movement’s detainees. “Four days ago, 74 of the movement’s members were released by virtue of a presidential decree that, at the same time, authorized the Interior Minister to bring them back to prison to finish their terms. In 1992, those members appeared before courts martial that lack the minimum standards of civil rights. During interrogations, detained members were subject to torture and many died in custody. They suffered from the solitary confinement and deteriorating conditions in prisons. All but two cases, sentenced to life, are already about to finish their terms. In addition, there are still 200 of el-Nahda’s members behind bars. Despite these facts, we welcome the decision hoping to be one step in the right direction to achieve a political reform and genuine reconciliation.

In recent years, a number of release orders have been issued but have not accompanied by real progress in the political life in Tunisia where restrictive laws are still in force, the country is police-run, no freedom or faire ballots. Moreover, the freed detainees are banned from travel or returning back to their jobs. They as if are taken form a prison to a wider one. So far, the Tunisian government denies holding political prisoners claiming it only have in custody convicted criminal felons .”

Sheikh el-Ghanoshy denied any existing contacts with the Tunisian authorities. El-Nahda Movement is ready to engage into a dialogue with any power or the government itself as long it benefits the country. Nevertheless, the reconciliation with the ongoing regime is improbable because of its autocratic nature.

El-Nahda’s chairman declined that the release decree resulted from American pressures, for many reasons. One of them is that October 18th Movement, a national power, has launched several popular campaigns and staged peaceful marches to press for the release of the political prisoners.

El-Ghanoshy asserted that that movement has no contacts with the US Administration which communicates only with recognized or semi-official institutions or movements while el-Nahda Movement is pursued by the government.

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