• July 23, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Ghanoushi Criticizes Fatwas Issued Against Hizbollah

Ghanoushi Criticizes Fatwas Issued Against Hizbollah

Al-Ghanoushi: Anti-Hezbollah fatwas (Islamic rulings) are not helping Muslim nations and those issuing them should feel ashamed of themselves

Since the begining of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, under the pretext of liberating two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah in a military operation, we hared a lot of voices attacking Hezbollah and holding it responsible for this war. Some scholars, such as Ibn Jibreen in Saudi Arabia and Sheik Hamid al-Ali in Kuwait, went further to issue a fatwa declaring it is unlawful by Islamic law to support Hezbollah.

Commenting on these fatwa, Sheikh Rashid al-Ghanoushi, the leader of Tunisian Nahdah Group stated to Ikhwanweb that "These fatwas are insignificant and unacceptable" He crticized those who issued them by saying "they should feel ashamed of themselves for issuing such fatwa while the nation is under attack and both Palestinian and Lebanese people are facing genocide" "Instead of maintaining even the minimum degree of obligatory support, they issue such odd verdicts which come into line with Israeli air forces against Lebanese and Palestinian people"

Al-Ghanoushi wondered who has the authority to declare  people of Lebanon, Sunni or Shiite, not worthy of the support obliged by our religion. Ghanoushi stated that even if those people were not Muslims, we still have to support them if they were subject to injustice