Ghorab Urges Media to Remain Fair and Balanced

Ghorab Urges Media to Remain Fair and Balanced

Hazem Ghorab, director of Misr25 channel, called upon all Egyptian satellite channels and journalists to show professionalism and integrity, stop chanting the same partisan lyrics, quit attempts to exclude the competition, and cease their efforts to distort the image of any political party or faction with twisted facts or half-truths.

Ghorab said, in a statement to, IkhwanWeb: "The media should not be with or against any parties. They should be at an equal distance from everyone.”

He added: "The Egyptian arena is open for all. But while satellite TV channels have absolute freedom in the presentation and coverage of what they want, the judge at the end is the masses."

Ghorab emphasised the importance of showing scenes that mirror the real situation, not a concave or convex mirror that would exaggerate the picture and distort it. He added: "There are dozens of parties, some effective while others are sadly weak and ineffective. Everyone should be shown according to their real presence and effectiveness."

On Monday morning, with the start of the electoral process, a number of new Egyptian satellite channels began dealing with the first phase of the parliamentary elections. Coverage varied, from monitoring of balloting events, to explicit comments e.g. in the OnTV channel, to the effect that there are obstacles and difficulties in the electoral process, such as the non-arrival of the judges or delayed opening times.